Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care

Now that you’ve hopefully taken time to read and review the various elements of R-Leadership, it’s time to put them into practice. The first step involves looking at yourself, which may be difficult. After all, many leaders spend every waking moment, looking outward: ensuring the team is functioning, being forward-facing with customers and clients, watchingContinue reading “Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care”

Superpower #7: Observing and Reporting From the Basement to the Balcony View

Superpower #6 was about developing a niche. However, there are nuances that must be clarified, because it’s very easy to cross the line into an area that make the populace (i.e., the customer or constituent base — in other words, the people who keep the business afloat) say ‘Ew!’ in a very loud voice. NetflixContinue reading “Superpower #7: Observing and Reporting From the Basement to the Balcony View”