Superpower #3: Consistently Committed to Growth

The last post may seem the opposite of having superpowers. Or is it? If you ask author Joe Badarracco, he’d likely suggest that stepping back, maybe shedding a tear or two, and taking a break are without question the stuff superheroes are made of. In his book Leading Quietly, Badarracco suggested that what he callsContinue reading “Superpower #3: Consistently Committed to Growth”

Superpower #1: Being a Respectful Provocateur

The ‘R’ in Reconnoiter stands for ‘respectful provocation’, which all R-Leaders have as one of their superpowers. But what does it mean to be a respectful provocateur? A typical definition of the word provocateur offers a potentially negative connotation: one who is an agitator or who disrupts. However, for the R-Leader, agitating and disrupting areContinue reading “Superpower #1: Being a Respectful Provocateur”