Superpower #2: Engaging Creativity and Advancing New Ideas

Pop quiz: First question: What challenges do nearly all leadership segments have in common, regardless of industry? Take a moment to think about that … Now, don’t think automatically of the ‘innovators’ — the Google’s, the Apple’s, the SpaceX’s. Think of the shop in your downtown that you walk by during lunch break. Think ofContinue reading “Superpower #2: Engaging Creativity and Advancing New Ideas”

Superpower #1: Being a Respectful Provocateur

The ‘R’ in Reconnoiter stands for ‘respectful provocation’, which all R-Leaders have as one of their superpowers. But what does it mean to be a respectful provocateur? A typical definition of the word provocateur offers a potentially negative connotation: one who is an agitator or who disrupts. However, for the R-Leader, agitating and disrupting areContinue reading “Superpower #1: Being a Respectful Provocateur”