Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care

Now that you’ve hopefully taken time to read and review the various elements of R-Leadership, it’s time to put them into practice. The first step involves looking at yourself, which may be difficult. After all, many leaders spend every waking moment, looking outward: ensuring the team is functioning, being forward-facing with customers and clients, watchingContinue reading “Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care”

Prioritizing People Over Process

The journey through the R-Leader superpowers will resume soon, but it’s time to park at one of the main focus points of this work. It is the bedrock on which all other elements of Reconnoiter Leadership rests: Prioritizing people. Notice the home page and the ‘motto’: prioritizing people over process to make progress. You mightContinue reading “Prioritizing People Over Process”

R-Leadership: Advancing the Leadership Conversation

R-Leadership is shorthand for Reconnoiter (Recon) Leadership, which is not a model or theory upon which behaviors are based. Reconnoiter Leadership is a leader-lifestyle. R-Leaders (or Recon-Leaders) exude what could be called inherent superpowers — they incorporate the following attributes in every engagement with other people: R espectful provocation to develop future leaders within theContinue reading “R-Leadership: Advancing the Leadership Conversation”