Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care

Now that you’ve hopefully taken time to read and review the various elements of R-Leadership, it’s time to put them into practice. The first step involves looking at yourself, which may be difficult. After all, many leaders spend every waking moment, looking outward: ensuring the team is functioning, being forward-facing with customers and clients, watchingContinue reading “Living a Recon Leadership Life: Self-Care”

Superpower #11: Regularly Reviewing and Renewing Useful Practices

There’s a popular saying that gets tossed about in personal and professional spaces — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While it sounds catchy, the idea of the saying seems to suggest that if a thing works, we needn’t worry about it. However, many a person has found out the hard way what happensContinue reading “Superpower #11: Regularly Reviewing and Renewing Useful Practices”

Superpower #10: Energizing Teams Through Corporate Social Justice

There are many definitions or descriptions of social justice. It is a term that conjures a plethora of emotions, from pride to anger to discomfort. The concept of social justice has been politicized in terms of community and education. It relates to equity for all, regardless of culture, gender, gender identity, age, ability, economics …Continue reading “Superpower #10: Energizing Teams Through Corporate Social Justice”

Superpower #9: Translating Practice Into Process for Shared Knowledge and Understanding

One of the most challenging experiences for anyone is to have to do something without understanding the purpose behind the action. Sure, there are times in every person’s life when they are taught ‘lessons’ and the process of learning is in itself the answer. Think about joining Greek and non-Greek letter organizations: often, there areContinue reading “Superpower #9: Translating Practice Into Process for Shared Knowledge and Understanding”

Superpower #8: Intuiting Needs for Organizational Advantage

Superpower #6 was about the business niche — one of the descriptions of a niche is a wall indentation where a vase could sit, which is a great segue. What better way for an R-Leader to think about the next moves for their organization than sitting? There are occasions when time in the office movesContinue reading “Superpower #8: Intuiting Needs for Organizational Advantage”

Superpower #7: Observing and Reporting From the Basement to the Balcony View

Superpower #6 was about developing a niche. However, there are nuances that must be clarified, because it’s very easy to cross the line into an area that make the populace (i.e., the customer or constituent base — in other words, the people who keep the business afloat) say ‘Ew!’ in a very loud voice. NetflixContinue reading “Superpower #7: Observing and Reporting From the Basement to the Balcony View”

Superpower #6: Niche-Building for Innovation

What is a niche? There are several descriptions or definitions. A historical description is of an indented portion of a wall where someone would put a vase. There is also something known as a biological niche, which is defined as the role an organism plays in its community. But, there is also the business niche,Continue reading “Superpower #6: Niche-Building for Innovation”

Superpower #4: Openly Communicating with All People

There are times when serving in a leadership position feels like one of the loneliest jobs in the world, particularly when the person is the sole decision-maker. It then may seem like a mystery how such a leader might openly communicate with all people, since there are things the leader may not feel like theyContinue reading “Superpower #4: Openly Communicating with All People”